Campbell Hall — an independent, Episcopal, K–12, gender-inclusive day school in Studio City, California — seeks its next Middle School Principal.

Reporting directly to the Head of School, the Middle School Principal focuses on the support of the middle school (grades 7–8) in the daily administration and long-range vision for that division. The Principal will be an integral member of an action-oriented, highly collaborative, and deliberative senior leadership team, and will engage all constituencies including but not limited to students, families, faculty, and staff in creating and maintaining an environment reflective of the school’s mission statement and the ongoing strategic plan.

Founded three-quarters of a century ago, Campbell Hall is a leader in many regards. Campbell Hall welcomes a visionary who is ready to take on a leadership role at a school where: children are eager to understand the world around them and master new skills, teachers are experienced and enthusiastic and know and value every student, parents are engaged and share educational goals and want to participate, and the community values healthy relationships and personal integrity. The Middle School Principal will be a proven leader and a strong relationship builder, skilled in forming authentic and empathetic relationships across and within diverse communities. Together, the new Middle School Principal and the incoming High School Principal will join the dynamic leadership team, led by Head of School (since 2003) Rev. Julian Bull. This is a tremendous opportunity for a middle educator who finds true joy and deep delight in working with middle school students.

The Position

The Middle School Principal, responsible for the day-to-day operation of the middle school and at the same time tasked with articulating program values, goals, and expectations, is a critical member of the leadership team at Campbell Hall. The ideal candidate is a seasoned leader who finds a calling to middle school with enthusiasm and vision. The person is also one who is simultaneously ready to listen and observe, and prepared to lead and shape this key division of the school. This multifaceted role is exciting yet demanding, and can be truly transformational.

Strategic priorities for the middle school principal

Campbell Hall is excited to welcome the next Middle School Principal, who will bring innovative and bold thinking to further strengthen existing, or develop new programs and offerings in the division. The strategic priorities for the Middle School Principal include the following:

  • Setting a mission-aligned vision for the middle school, ensuring that the curriculum remains committed to academic excellence and anti-bias education that is multiculturally equitable, gender-inclusive, socioeconomically aware, and globally informed so that students understand and affirm the complexity of identity, appreciate the value of diversity, recognize barriers to equity at the systemic level, and take personal and collective action against prejudice, bias, and injustice.

  • Encouraging, welcoming, and demonstrating a growth-mindset toward innovative thinking and providing the structural and institutional support for implementing new initiatives.

  • Engaging students and parents through focus groups, town halls, discussions, and anonymous surveys to hear their stories, and particularly to ensure that every community member feels safe, accepted, seen, and heard.

  • Recruiting, retaining, and mentoring diverse faculty, staff, and leadership, and enhancing efforts to recruit and retain students and families of color in the division.

  • Providing extensive professional development opportunities to increase both the skill and capacity of faculty to create inclusive classrooms, culturally responsive curriculum, and deep, caring connections with all students.

  • Attending to the challenges and pressures that young adolescents face (e.g., social media, peer pressure, healthy body image, etc.) and utilizing current research about the importance of social-emotional skill development to build even greater capacity among faculty to provide systematic support across programs and individual interactions.

  • (Re)Establishing clear, community-driven behavioral norms for students and consequences for violations of those norms as well as means for enforcing the consequences.

  • Working collaboratively with the Directors of Technology and Operations to facilitate the smooth daily running of the division and also developing long-range strategies for the future needs of the division in these two areas.

“[The Principal is responsible for] creating an atmosphere where teachers have the opportunity to utilize all of their gifts and talents so that students will be inspired to learn.” 

— 7th grader

“[The Principal is responsible for] making everyone in middle school feel happy and have fun. ”

— 7th grader

“The new principal should know how to reset academic and behavior standards after and during Covid. The new principal should be able to deal with kid misbehavior in a way that is really cut and dry, and effective. The new principal needs to raise standards that we can all rally behind and be shielded by.” 

— 8th grader

Essential duties of the middle school principal

The Principal oversees the overarching long-range vision as well as the day-to-day operations of a middle school with approximately 235 students in grades 7–8, an Assistant Principal and 40 faculty/staff members. As the academic and cultural leader of this division, the Principal must be a model for servant leadership, demonstrate the highest standards of professionalism and ethical decision making, and commit to best practices in middle school education.

The Middle School Principal’s essential responsibilities include building genuine connections with each student and faculty member, being a highly visible presence within the school community, and enthusiastically engaging individually and collectively with middle school students, faculty, staff, and parents. Importantly, the Principal should act as a guide, and step in when necessary, to help parents and teachers work in partnership with each other, keeping students at the center with a common goal of helping them thrive. Understanding the push and pull between leadership and faculty desires, the Principal should have the ability to assess the tenor of the middle school faculty and advocate by presenting their needs to the administrative team, while also conveying the administration’s needs to the division in a transparent manner.

In addition, the essential duties of the Principal include the following:

  • Setting a yearly theme for faculty learning and designing monthly division meetings and professional development opportunities.

  • Supervising, observing, and evaluating middle school faculty.

  • Collaborating with the High School Principal and secondary department chairs.

  • Representing the middle school at all after school, evening, and weekend events, including athletic events, performances, parent coffees, admissions open houses, and experiential education trips.

  • Working in partnership with the Assistant Principal and deans to support students and families.

  • Collaborating with secondary counselors and the director of student support services to support students with emotional and academic needs.

  • Coordinating special events with the Parent Association.

  • Overseeing student discipline in coordination with the Assistant Principal and deans.

  • Supporting the Assistant Principal and office staff with the master schedule process.

  • Overseeing and coordinating grades, narratives, and report cards with the Assistant Principal.

  • Serving as a member of various committees, including the Strategic Planning Group, Education Policy and Review Committee, and the Academic Review Committee.

  • Assisting the Director and the Assistant Director of Admissions in the coordination of student recruitment events and the evaluation of applications for prospective 7th and 8th grade students.

  • Coordinating and supervising middle school field trips, student/parent orientations, welcome programs for new families, QuickStart programming, special assemblies, and middle school course registration.

  • Managing division budget.

  • Teaching one middle school course.

“We do not want someone who will be scary but more like someone that is easy to talk to. But also to make sure that when needed, they can be strict.” 

— 8th grader

“A fun person because I think kids do better when they are having fun. ”

— 7th grader

“The school is coming out of Covid and dealing with a lot of high emotions. We also had a Black at CH Instagram page that called out the school culture. We need someone who can navigate that.” 

— 8th grader

Qualities and traits of the middle school principal

The culture at Campbell Hall can be best described as a deep kindness and authenticity that seems to run through the students, staff, and families. It is one that values collaboration, clear and direct communication, transparency in leadership and decision-making, and advocacy for the students and professionals in the school. This role demands strong listening skills, the ability to recognize when nuance is most effective, and exceptional verbal and written communication skills. It also requires the ability to manage a wide range of responsibilities and tasks with professionalism, warmth, grace, and precision. Patience, creativity, and a sense of humor is highly valued when working collaboratively with a range of constituent groups, including students, families, faculty, staff, and administration from diverse backgrounds.

The Principal must demonstrate great individual integrity, initiative, self-awareness, and commitment to personal and professional growth. This person must also have the ability to nurture a culture of collegiality and respect among faculty as well as serve as a mentor and resource for faculty.

In addition to the qualities and traits noted above, the Middle School Principal should have skills and abilities in the following areas:

Educational Leadership

  • Ability to balance leadership and collaboration — e.g., knowing when to make a decision and when to seek input

  • Innovative thinker and actor - creating a vision (in collaboration with faculty or leadership team), taking action steps to lead faculty toward that vision, assessing progress, and making necessary adjustments

  • Sensitivity to and mindfulness of established traditions and routines while exploring new or updating existing practices; boldly leading from the intersection of tradition and growth

Understanding and Care of Middle School Students

  • Understand and speak knowledgeably about the developmental characteristics and stages of middle schoolers

  • Connect easily with middle schoolers

  • Prioritize, cultivate, and place value in having fun

Communication and Collaboration

  • Invite, listen to, and comprehend multiple perspectives and help teams come to solutions

  • Strive for win-win solutions and be decisive when necessary

  • Provide clear, prompt feedback to teachers

  • Facilitate meetings and workshops with ease and efficiency

required qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree highly preferred.

  • At least 5 years of teaching experience, preferably in middle school.

  • Leadership experience.

  • Relational leader with a high EQ.

  • Demonstrated experience in establishing, implementing, and communicating a vision and plan around best practices in middle school teaching and learning.

  • Deep understanding of and experience in leading and supporting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice initiatives.

  • Working knowledge and use of technology (e.g., Google Suite; PowerSchool; Haiku/PowerSchool Learning).

  • Experience in and understanding the needs of a demanding independent school desired.

Founded in 1944, Campbell Hall is a community of inquiry that inspires its students, faculty, staff, administrators, and parents to explore the world with open hearts and curious minds. The School’s educational philosophy is rooted in the tradition of academic excellence established over the 500-year history of Episcopal education. Classrooms are rich with student-centered, cross-curricular, inquiry-based problem solving activities designed to allow students the opportunity to explore their potential and to learn and grow in an environment dedicated to academic excellence and the nurturing of decent, loving, and responsible human beings.

Elementary School (Grades K–6)

The elementary school core curriculum provides young learners with a sequential and integrated course of study. The program includes reading and language arts, Singapore Math, science, social studies, technology, physical education, visual and performing arts, and World Language (beginning in 3rd grade).

Middle School (Grades 7–8)

Campbell Hall’s post-elementary program is inquiry-based and student-centered. The 75-minute rotating block schedule is designed to allow time for students to engage in research, lecture, discussion, group work, and project-based learning that prioritizes engagement, depth, and quality over quantity.

Through engaging coursework and a variety of extracurricular activities, students learn more about who they are and where their talents and interests lie. In middle school, students can find the appropriate level of academic challenge through traditional honors courses in math and World Language, while those who are committed to English, history, or science can elect to take an accelerated level of these courses in the 8th grade.

Through study hall exploration course offerings including visual arts, performing arts, and computer science, as well as a year-long human development course in 7th grade, the middle school offers an extensive educational experience beyond the core curriculum. The 8th grade program expands on these offerings with semester electives focusing on a wide range of topics such as Storytelling Through Photography, Acting, Filmmaking, Television Production, Rockets, Robots & Gizmos: Maker Lab, Steel Drumming, and more.

High School (Grades 9–12)

At the core of the secondary curriculum is an appreciation for the fact that students are in the process of developing the power to reason; that they are evolving a pattern of faith for daily living, part of which involves their evolution as decent, loving, and responsible human beings; that they are preparing for further education; and that they are learning to become informed contributors in society.

The high school curriculum continually evolves to provide a challenging mix of course offerings, for example: Engineering Research Projects, Experiments in Animation, Modern World History and Geography: Global Issues and the Search for Justice, Technology and Ethics in the Information Age, and AP Chinese Language and Culture.

The Students

Campbell Hall students are simultaneously scholars, artists, athletes, and explorers. They come from 112 zip codes across southern California. Students of color make up 42% (as defined by NAIS) of the K–12 student body. One in four students receives financial aid, and the School is also proud of the religious diversity present throughout the community. When asked what makes Campbell Hall unique, two middle school students replied:

Campbell Hall is such a unique community because each and every one of us has different opinions and ideas. All of us work hard to help the community and contribute to projects and groups.

Campbell Hall students are kind.

The Faculty

Campbell Hall faculty are dedicated to the developmentally appropriate education of the whole child; are interested in learning as well as teaching; connect their responsibilities with the philosophy and purpose of the school; teach to empower as well as to inform; are comfortable with questions as well as answers; can work with direction, focus, humor, and dignity within the complexities of a diverse school environment; and are dedicated to promoting and maintaining an inclusive school community.

In addition to academic responsibilities, Campbell Hall faculty are involved in many aspects of school life. Coaching interscholastic athletics, chaperoning experiential education trips, participating in community service activities, helping students to produce school publications, overseeing student council, and leading a special interest club are just a few ways faculty are more deeply involved in the Campbell Hall community.

Campbell Hall faculty embrace the school’s mission and are dedicated to their implementation of a rigorous college preparatory program. They are equally devoted to the emotional and spiritual development of each student and they strive to relate to students, parents, and colleagues in ways that promote open and supportive communication. The result is a community where students and adults are confident to learn and grow.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Campbell Hall is devoted to honoring the diversity of the human experience and cultivating a safe environment that empowers individuals and groups to celebrate their identities. To build and sustain an inclusive community, the School is called to confront systems of oppression, uproot structural inequality, challenge white supremacy, and work to create a more just and equitable world. This commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice is deep, ongoing, and inextricably linked to the School’s Episcopal identity. As it strives to care for the community, help its neighbors, and better the world, Campbell Hall embraces its responsibility to be truth-seekers and advocates of inclusion and equity.

Dimensions of diversity include race, ethnicity, religion, culture, national origin, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, ability, and socioeconomic status. To learn more about Campbell Hall’s strategies for promoting DEIJ, please click here.


Campbell Hall’s fifteen-acre campus is an urban oasis located in Studio City, California. The beautifully and sustainably landscaped space features dedicated and distinct areas with multiple buildings and play and sports areas for elementary, middle, and high school. The facilities are state-of-the-art and serve as a backdrop for inspired learning. Campus highlights include places for quiet contemplation like the Nathanson-Swiger Chapel & Spiritual Center, open and natural spaces in which students gather and relax, and state-of-the-art facilities like the Spielberg Family Arts and Education Center, and high-tech science labs where creativity and innovation are unbounded. For a virtual tour, click here.


Studio City is a quaint neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, just over the hill from Hollywood and minutes from Griffith Park to the east. Lively Ventura Boulevard offers several classic sushi houses, plus small-plates spots and stylish gastropubs. For nature lovers, Coldwater Canyon Park and Wilacre Park offer hiking trails that have panoramic valley views.

Procedure to apply


Priority Application Due Date
February 10, 2022

Semi-finalist Interviews
Mid-February, 2022

Finalist Interviews
Early March, 2022

Late March, 2022

*Approximate dates subject to change

CH Campus
CH Campus

Campbell Hall welcomes candidates who have a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in their teaching and learning. Campbell Hall has been, is, and will continue to be, strongly committed to the principle that equal employment opportunity must be afforded to all persons regardless of race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, family care status, veteran status, marital status, age, medical condition, and disability.

Interested candidates are invited to apply by submitting the following materials confidentially as one PDF file through the dedicated application portal:

  • Cover letter expressing interest in the Campbell Hall Middle School Principal position

  • Current resume

  • Statement of educational/leadership philosophy and practice

  • A list of three references including name, title, phone number, email address and professional relationship (references are contacted only with the candidate’s permission).

Please address any questions by email to or by phone at 415-881-7105.

Campbell Hall is a community of inquiry committed to academic excellence and to the nurturing of decent, loving, and responsible human beings.