StratéGenius is the premier search firm for schools seeking diverse candidates for teaching and leadership positions. We partner with schools committed to equity, connect them to our diverse network, and match them with exceptional talent. StratéGenius is one of the only BIPOC-owned search firms dedicated to serving independent schools.

How we support member schools and candidates


Develop deep relationships with member schools to increase their capacity to become more welcoming, inclusive, and supportive of diversity.


Model and spread best practices on attracting, recruiting, developing and supporting people of color in independent schools, creating inclusive and equitable environments.


Provide coaching, mentorship and opportunities for underrepresented groups (people of color, women, LGBTQ) to succeed and take leadership in independent schools.


Advocate for diverse candidates within our schools.

How we work with you


Strategenius member schools are committed to diversity, inclusion and equity. Our schools strive to increase diversity within their faculty, staff and leadership and create the conditions for true inclusion and equity. In order for us to be able to provide the very best service, we only work with our member schools who share our commitment to hiring and retaining for diversity, and understand the value of cultivating long-term relationships with communities of color and not just one-off, temporary occasions.

Membership with Strategenius signifies a school’s deep commitment to hiring for and retaining diversity. When you partner with Strategenius, you gain access to our wide network of educators of color, our deep experience with schools, expertise on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and our ability to help position your school as (an emerging) leader in diversity.


When you work with Strategenius, you receive personalized, expert advice on making sure you put your very best foot forward beginning with your materials, during your interviews, through the hiring process, and as you embark on your new position.

Even if you are just getting started on your teaching career or are new to working with independent schools, we can help you navigate the transition and find the perfect fit. We have helped hundreds of people throughout their career, many who have started as interns and have moved through institutions with increasing levels of responsibility. We want to grow with you! Let us help you explore your options and illuminate a path that identifies and matches your talents, passion and experience with a school.