Member School Spotlights

Here at Strategenius, we are always thinking of new ways to connect educators (like YOU) to our Member Schools. As one of our new initiatives this year, we are rolling out the MEMBER SCHOOL SPOTLIGHT series.

In this live one-hour webinar, folks from a Member School will speak directly to educators about the school's philosophy, community and culture and answer your questions.

In offering this webinar, educators:

  • Get to engage with school community members including administrators, faculty, and/or staff

  • Hear about the great work the school is doing on campus on a daily basis and gather information beyond what is on a school's website

  • Learn why they should consider coming to this school

  • Learn what makes this school's community unique and special

  • Learn about the school's DEIJ philosophy and initiatives

  • Ask questions that matter to them

We think this can "open your eyes" to new possibilities and/or help you decide that a school is the right match for you.

view our Member School Spotlight videos

The Northwest School
Seattle, WA

Charles Armstrong School
belmont, CA


Charles river School
dover, MA

Shore Country Day School
Beverly, MA

NORTH Shore Country Day School

Columbus Academy columbus,OH