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There are many paths to obtaining faculty and administrative positions — but there are few effective routes. You can apply directly, you can get a referral, or you can get a professional to help you. The bottom line is: some ways are more effective than others.

Stratégenius provides a different service than what other firms offer. Unlike others, where you are literally just a number towards a placement fee, we know you by name, we know what you are looking for and we will not send you to a school which does not take diversity seriously.

If you are qualified and have something special to offer, you will not be one of a pile of resumes sent to the same school or organization. That is not the way we roll. With Stratégenius, you are special and will be represented by someone the schools have high regard for; they will take your candidacy seriously because we will advocate your abilities as we help find the right fit for you and for the school. For us, it is better not to have a placement, than to have a bad fit.


We offer coaching services so you can position yourself to make an upward move with some of the best independent schools in this country. Drop us a line and we'll be in touch, or peruse the job listings below to see current positions which might be your next big step. If you are just starting out, click on the button above to send us your resume and teaching interests, and we will get started on finding positions that are perfect for you.


To see our most current listing of positions available with our member schools, please look at the listings on our job openings page. If you are interested in any position, let us know and we will outline the application process for that particular position. It's all about relationships, and we've worked for decades to build them so we can make connections for you.